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About HealthANSWERS

The HealthANSWERS (ACT and NSW Education, Research and Service) partnership is an established network of healthcare services, support agencies and major universities in the ACT and southern New South Wales.

Our partnership builds on a decade of service-oriented research and education between the participants to address pressing challenges in regional health care, ensure quality of care across diverse and isolated settings and build and maintain a sustainable workforce.

​The HealthANSWERS region is extremely diverse, and serves approximately 1.2 million people, many of whom travel regularly and across borders for health care.

What we do

HealthANSWERS is a service, community and academic partnership to improve regional health through translational research, education and services. 

We do this by:

  • supporting research and evidence development in our priority areas of mental health, end-of-life care, cancer and multimorbid illnesses.

  • promoting service and academic collaboration to tackle pressing and emerging issues in regional health

  • capacity development and knowledge sharing for translational researchers

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Chemistry Class
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