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HealthANSWERS has set itself the aspirational aim of optimising each person’s health and well-being by co-designing and co-delivering a fully integrated research-service-education-policy framework to facilitate: 

  • effective translation of research evidence into health systems improving people’s health and well-being; 

  • innovation and improvement of the health system through high quality health service and clinical research and education, allowing trialling of and piloting of practice and policy interventions that may be scaled up nationally; 

  • growing and unlocking the service improvement opportunities with data science and analytics; 

  • expanding, supporting and maintaining clinician-based health and medical researchers; 

  • establishing and implementing transparent and overarching research and funding governance; 

  • improving the investment opportunities for innovations; and 

  • supporting targeted education of health workers to enhance capacity to drive health system improvement. 

  • facilitate partnerships with Aboriginal communities and organisations to improve health and well being 

  • improve health literacy of communities and individuals

Scientist on Computer
Going Over Data
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