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About Our Logo

Our logo is a stylised bogong moth.  The bogong moth is an iconic Australian insect endemic, but currently under threat, in the HealthANSWERS region.  Historically, the bogong moth was integral to the cultural practices and health of Aboriginal nations who would meet on the peaks of the Snowy and Tinderry Mountains of NSW and the Brindabella Mountain Ranges of the ACT from November to December to feast on the plentiful moth and conduct business.


The bogong moth is the chosen symbol for HealthANSWERS because:

  • They bring people together promoting health and wellbeing, supporting partnerships and sharing knowledge.

  • They are a nutritional food source, high in protein and fats.

  • They are exceptional nocturnal navigators, travelling long distances without losing sight of the terrain or the purpose of their journey.

  • They are found throughout the entire HealthANSWERS footprint including the cities but they thrive in the bush.

  • They are resilient animals with the ability to survive drought and bushfires.

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