Our Work

HARC has a series of planned activities that will run during 2020. These activities will engage members to:

  • Develop our role as stewards, enablers and collaborators

  • Empower collaborative projects between ACT-based scientists

  • Develop position papers to address ongoing or critical areas of concern

  • Showcase existing collaborations and opportunities

  • Provide training for early career researchers, data custodians and policy makers


Mentorship and training are a significant part of HARC, with the inclusion of early career researchers and students within research teams. HARC forums and workshops offer real opportunities to develop a centre equipped to make sciences and research translation part of everyday healthcare and prevention.

How HARC will benefit your organisation

HARC members consists of researchers, data custodians and methodologists. Engagement through HARC facilitates engagement with diverse, but complimentary perspectives, through forums, special interest groups and working groups to identify, clarify and solve problems of interest.

HARC collaborative partners are likely to be early adopters of novel approaches, new techniques, and research findings. HARC collaborations expose members of your organisation to learning and development opportunities based on real-world experiences that have potential to positively impact health systems, patient outcomes, and influence improvements to research integrity, reliability, and reproducibility.

Collaborative research leads to greater numbers of quality publications. Cross-discipline research increases the opportunities for publication and dissemination of research findings. In turn, this leads to greater collaborative opportunities for future research and funding success. For more information contact HARC administration at HARCNetwork@act.gov.au