About Us

ACT Health and its academic partners have joined to form the Health Analytics Research Centre (HARC). HARC is a collaborative enterprise to develop and promote the high quality health data science and analytics using both qualitive and quantitative methodologies.

The aims of HARC are to:

  • Drive high quality research and innovation with impact

  • Strengthen strategic partnerships

  • Accelerate translation of knowledge to practice and policy


HARC brings researchers, data custodians and methodologists together to contribute their knowledge skills and expertise to solve problems, meet shared objectives and deliver collaborative projects, studies and solutions. 

Engagement through HARC facilitates engagement with diverse, but complimentary perspectives, through forums, special interest groups and working groups to identify, clarify and solve problems of interest.

Contact HARC via email at HARCNetwork@act.gov.au or by telephone +61 2 5124 9378