HARC Special Interest Groups SIG

HARC Special Interest Groups (SIG) provide support and structure to promote consideration of niche areas of interest for HARC members. The purpose of special interest groups is to develop expertise and guidance to support the HARC community. This support will be disseminated within HARC through the production of position papers and the provision of support to HARC members.

SIG Operation

The Centre for Health and Medical Research will coordinate the operation of HARC SIGs.  This will include the provision of template documents and acting as a conduit for information between the ACT Health Directorate, the HARC Management Committee, the CHARM organising committee, and SIGs.

SIG Obligations

Each SIG will operate within the Governance Framework provided by the Centre for Health and Medical Research.


Each SIG is expected to:

  • submit an annual report on the activities of the SIG;

  • present an update of the activities of the SIG at the Canberra Health Annual Research Meeting (CHARM)

  • conduct a minimum of two meetings per year

  • It will be up to each SIG to promote the development of their field of expertise.

If you are interested in forming a SIG please contact the HARC administration team at HARCNetwork@act.gov.au 

Current SIG activity